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25.5.2012 Bath, GB
Judge: M. Torbet (Newtonglen),GB

BOB, BOG, res. BIS male:

Karamynd Play It Again

CC male:

Karamynd Play It Again

res. CC male:

Maxula Name of the Game

CC female:

Faymar Fine Romance

res. CC female:

Karamynd Make a Splash

Best Puppy female:

Yorsar Betsy Ross

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XMALES - cl. Minor Puppy
M 1st - Juanne Flamenco Finlay (i)
M 2nd - Lynnsto Truly Special (i)
XMALES - cl. Puppy
M 1st - Louie Conquistador (i)
XMALES - cl. Novice
M 1st - Leonardo Ventura (i)
XMALES - cl. Post Graduate
M 1st - Something Special Superbia Lynnsto (i)
M 2nd - Ambalasi Frisky Whisky (i)
XMALES - cl. Limit
M 1st, res. CC - Maxula Name of the Game (i)
M 2nd - Rozamie Icicle (i)
M 3rd - Hillsted Same Again (i)
M Res - Burneze Dizzee Rascal (i)
M VHC - Sarmac Starlite Express (i)
XMALES - cl. Open
M 1st, CC, BOB, BOG, res. BIS - Karamynd Play It Again (i) ... gained title CH GB
M 2nd - Lynnsto Man About Town (i)
XMALES - cl. Veteran
M 1st - Leyhey Living Legend (i)

XFEMALES - cl. Minor Puppy
M 1st - Juanne Latin Lindi Louise (i)
M 2nd - Fernlair Shadow of Doubt (i)
M 3rd - Fernlair Love Story (i)
XFEMALES - cl. Puppy
M 1st, Best Puppy - Yorsar Betsy Ross (i)
M 2nd - Maxula Box of Tricks (i)
M 3rd - Hillcloud Ice (i)
M Res - Pryorvale Coconut Cookie (i)
M VHC - Pelham Lady of Heathbridge (i)
XFEMALES - cl. Junior
M 1st - Lynnsto Eye Candy (i)
M 2nd - Hillcloud Athena at Ashgate (i)
M 3rd - Comdale Miss January at Hillsted (i)
M Res - Westigo Sheeza Delight (i)
M VHC - Mcholglyn Candy Cane (i)
XFEMALES - cl. Novice
M 1st - Westigo So Fa So Good (i)
XFEMALES - cl. Post Graduate
M 1st - Burneze Plan Bea (i)
M 2nd - Westigo Precious Spirit (i)
M 3rd - Cochansa Dales Pride (i)
M Res - Bellevue Dream Spirit (i)
XFEMALES - cl. Limit
M 1st - Lindenka Kaylah at Sanjoc (i)
M 2nd - Sarmac Sweet Sensation (i)
XFEMALES - cl. Open
M 1st, CC - Faymar Fine Romance (i)
M 2nd, res. CC - Karamynd Make a Splash (i)
M 3rd - Hillcloud Drizzle (i)
M Res - Lynnsto Platinum (i)
XFEMALES - cl. Veteran
M 1st - Cassara Princess (i)


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