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Championships in DB
CH GB (28.9.2013), CH B (X), CH L (X)

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9.3.2018 Crufts/GB, judge Tracy Gaydon/GB: cl. Veteran - VHC

10.9.2017 CACIB Namur/B, judge András Korózs/H: cl. champion - Exc3

30.7.2017 CACIB Rotterdam/NL, judge Michael Clancy/IRL: cl. champion - Exc3

22.7.2017 CACIB Liege/B, judge Francesco Cochetti/I: cl. champion - Exc2

1.7.2017 CACIB Limburgia/NL, judge Rita Reyniers/B: cl. champion - Exc2, res. CAC, res. CACIB

24.6.2017 CACIB Genk/B, judge Francois Graulus/B: cl. champion - Exc1, CAC, CACIB, BOS

11.6.2017 CAC Lommel/B, judge Alexander Shishkin/BY: cl. champion - Exc1, CAC, BOB

16.4.2017 CACIB Goes/NL, judge Andrew Beare/IRL: cl. champion - Exc1, CAC, CACIB, BOB

15.4.2017 CACIB Goes/NL, judge Theo van der Horst/NL: cl. champion - Exc2, res. CACIB

18.3.2017 CACIB Leiden/NL, judge Hans van den Berg/NL: cl. champion - Exc1

25.2.2017 CACIB Weelde/B, judge Anne Tove Strande/N: cl. champion - Exc1

28.1.2017 CACIB Mouscron/B, judge Corine Cardinal/B: cl. champion - Exc1, res. CAC, res. CACIB

8.1.2017 CAC Genk/B, judge Norman Deschuymere/B: cl. champion - Exc1, CAC, BOS

20.11.2016 CACIB Kortrijk/B, judge Mette Sörum/DK: cl. champion - Exc1, CAC, CACIB, BOB

19.11.2016 CAC Kortrijk/B, judge Ken Crockett/IRL: cl. champion - Exc1, res. CAC

29.10.2016 CACIB Leuven/B, judge Liam Moran/IRL: cl. champion - Exc1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, III. BIG

11.9.2016 CACIB Luxembourg/L, judge Michel Hallier/F: cl. open - Exc1, CACL, CACIB, BOB

28.8.2016 EuroDS Brussels/B, judge Gitty Schwab/L: cl. champion - Exc

23.7.2016 CACIB Liege/B, judge Darko Korošec/SLO: cl. champion - Exc2, res. CAC, res. CACIB

12.6.2016 CACIB Douai/F, judge Jean-Jacques Dupas/F: cl. champion - Exc1, res. CACIB

24.4.2016 CAC Terrier Luxembourg/L, judge Mieke Jansen-van Kalshoven/NL: cl. champion - Exc1, CACL ... gained title CH L

17.4.2016 CACIB Antwerp/B, judge Svetlana Radziuk/BY: cl. champion - Exc1, CAC, CACIB, BOB

2.4.2016 National Terrier/GB, judge Julie Coley/GB: cl. Open - VHC

26.3.2016 CACIB Luxembourg/L, judge Vesa Lehtonen/FIN: cl. champion - Exc3

30.1.2016 CACIB Mouscron/B, judge Jekaterina Senašenko /RUS: cl. champion - Exc1, CAC, CACIB, BOS

4.10.2015 CACIB Charleroi/B, judge Guy Jenny/F: cl. champion - Exc1, CAC, CACIB, BOB ... gained title CH B

12.9.2015 CACIB Libramont/B, judge Corine Cardinal/B: cl. champion - Exc1

30.8.2015 CACIB Luxembourg/L, judge Maite Gonzalbo/E: cl. champion - Exc3

22.8.2015 CACIB Mechelen/B, judge Angel Sotoca/E: cl. champion - Exc1, CAC, CACIB, BOS

19.7.2015 CACIB Liege/B, judge Veli-Pekka Kumpumäki/FIN: cl. champion - Exc3

27.6.2015 CACIB Genk/B, judge András Korózs/H: cl. champion - Exc1, res. CAC, res. CACIB

27.7.2014 CACIB Split/HR, judge Dan Ericsson/S: cl. open - Exc1, CAC, CACIB

26.7.2014 CAC Split/HR, judge Steven Seymour/AUS/GB: cl. open - Exc1, CAC

25.7.2014 CACIB Split/HR, judge Csaba Zsolt Lokodi/RO: cl. open - Exc1, CAC, CACIB

24.7.2014 CAC Split/HR, judge Nataša Blanuša/HR: cl. open - Exc1, CAC, BOS

7.3.2014 Crufts/GB, judge Sue Thomson/GB: cl. Open - Res

16.1.2014 Manchester/GB, judge Jack Watson/GB: cl. Open - 2nd

15.12.2013 Ladies Kennel Association/GB, judge Brian Squire/GB: cl. Open - 1st, CC, BOB

17.11.2013 CACIB Kortrijk/B, judge Bojan Matakovič/HR: cl. open - Exc1, CAC, CACIB

16.11.2013 CACIB Kortrijk/B, judge Gitty Schwab/L: cl. open - Exc1, CAC, CACIB, BOB

5.10.2013 Club Show WHWTC/GB, judge Kirsten Fox/GB: cl. Open - 2nd

28.9.2013 Belfast/GB, judge Peter E. Bakewell/GB: cl. Open - 1st, CC, BOB ... gained title CH GB

7.9.2013 Richmond/GB, judge Stuart Plane/GB: cl. Open - 1st, CC, BOB, IV. BOG

31.8.2013 City of Birmingham/GB, judge Bob Milner/GB: cl. Open - VHC

25.8.2013 Scottish KC/GB, judge Shauna Fryer/GB: cl. Open - 1st, CC, BOB

17.8.2013 Welsh KC/GB, judge Bill Browne-Cole/GB: cl. Open - VHC

3.8.2013 Paignton/GB, judge Tracy Gaydon/GB: cl. Open - Res

26.7.2013 Leeds/GB, judge Douglas Berry/GB: cl. Open - 2nd

29.6.2013 Windsor/GB, judge Mags Evans/GB: cl. Open - Res

6.6.2013 Three Counties/GB, judge Alison Mellor/GB: cl. Open - 2nd

1.6.2013 Southern Counties/GB, judge Joe Edmondson/GB: cl. Open - 2nd

16.5.2013 WorldDS Budapest/H, judge Torsten Himmrich/D: cl. open - Exc4

9.5.2013 Birmingham National/GB, judge Ken Bartlett/GB: cl. Open - 2nd

28.4.2013 WELKS/GB, judge Jean Abbey/GB: cl. Open - 3rd

13.4.2013 Club Show WHWTC of England/GB, judge Marie Purchon/GB: cl. Open - 3rd

6.4.2013 National Terrier/GB, judge Robert Hill/GB: cl. Open - VHC

17.1.2013 Manchester/GB, judge Britta Roos-Börjeson/S: cl. Open - 3rd

16.12.2012 The Ladies Kennel Association/GB, judge Ken Gourlay/GB: cl. Open - Res

25.10.2012 Midland Counties/GB, judge Jean Lanning/GB: cl. Open - 3rd

13.10.2012 South Wales/GB, judge Angus Gordon/GB: cl. Limit - 1st, res. CC

22.9.2012 Club Show WHWTC/GB, judge Modwena Johnston/GB: cl. Limit - 1st, res. CC

14.9.2012 Darlington/GB, judge Robert Donachie/GB: cl. Limit - 1st, res. CC

8.9.2012 Richmond/GB, judge Henrik Johansson/S: cl. Limit - 1st

1.9.2012 Birmingham/GB, judge Albert Wight/GB: cl. Limit - 1st

25.8.2012 Scottish KC/GB, judge Brian Smith/GB: cl. Limit - 1st, res. CC

7.8.2012 Paignton/GB, judge Moira Barrass/GB: cl. Limit - 2nd

14.7.2012 Club Show SWHWTC/GB, judge Sheila Jenkins/GB: cl. Post Graduate - 1st

17.6.2012 Border Union/GB, judge Tom H. Johnston/GB: cl. Post Graduate - 1st

10.6.2012 Three Counties/GB, judge Valerie Smith/GB: cl. Post Graduate - 2nd

25.5.2012 Bath/GB, judge M. Torbet/GB: cl. Post Graduate - 1st

19.5.2012 Edinburgh/GB, judge Steve Jennings/GB: cl. Post Graduate - 1st

13.5.2012 Birmingham/GB, judge Martin P. Phillips/GB: cl. Post Graduate - 1st, res. CC

14.4.2012 Club Show WHWTC of England/GB, judge Julie Wall (Farmer)/GB: cl. Post Graduate - 2nd

7.4.2012 National Terrier/GB, judge Birgitta Hasselgren/S: cl. Post Graduate - 2nd

31.3.2012 Edinburgh/GB, judge Sue Thomson/GB: cl. Post Graduate - 1st

11.3.2012 Crufts/GB, judge Douglas Berry/GB: cl. Special Junior - 3rd

19.1.2012 Manchester/GB, judge Stuart Plane/GB: cl. Junior - 1st

10.12.2011 LKA/GB, judge Jean Abbey/GB: cl. Junior - 2nd

9.10.2011 South Wales/GB, judge Helen Dangerfield/GB: cl. Junior - 2nd

9.10.2011 Club Show WHWTC of Wales/GB, judge Tina Squire/GB: cl. Junior - 1st

16.9.2011 Darlington/GB, judge Walter Berghäuser/D: cl. Puppy - 1st, Best Puppy, III. BOG Puppy

10.9.2011 Richmond/GB, judge Peter E. Bakewell/GB: cl. Puppy - 2nd

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