Thobias Icking

Thobias Icking

Date of birth: 9.4.2009
Reg. number: ČLP/WHW/6446/10
Chip number: 978101080182155
Show grading: excellent
Missing teeth: 2x P2, 2x M3
Breeder: Icking, CZ

Cleiton of Marzipan Cromwell White Oleander Vallange Sailor Jack
Wesscots Rise'N'Shine
Astoria of Marzipan White Diamant O'La La X-Pression
Qwennadine White Oleander
Orion Icking W. D. O'La La Superboy Bellevue Special Attraction of Ashgate
White Diamant O'La La Made in Peachsflo
Susan Třešňový květ Nego Krásný dar
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