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2.4.2016 National Terrier, GB
Judge: Julie Coley (Kingsview),GB

BOB: male

Krystof Sunshine Celebration

CC male:

Krystof Sunshine Celebration

res. CC male:

Magic Matisse vom Märchengarten

CC female:

Hillsted Sweet Mystery

res. CC female:

Roxholm Reign Dance by Bocans

Best Puppy, II. BIS Puppy female:

Burneze Billie on Air

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XMALES - cl. Minor Puppy
M 1st - Havasu Hercule Poirot (i)
M 2nd - Albacharms Big It Up Bandit (i)
XMALES - cl. Puppy
M 1st - Hillcloud Mist (i)
M 2nd - Albacharms Big It Up Bandit (i)
XMALES - cl. Junior
M 1st - Hillsted Masquerade at Thozow (i)
M 2nd - Fernsunrise Fairplay to Ashgate (i)
M 3rd - Lynnsto Judgement Day (i)
M Res - Hopecharm Tony One (i)
XMALES - cl. Graduate
M 1st - Charmhela's Macho Man (i)
XMALES - cl. Post Graduate
M 1st - Newvoldemort Al Capone (i)
M 2nd - Havasu Headlining (i)
M 3rd - Bobo Whiskey (i)
M Res - Danny Boy of Westlands (i)
XMALES - cl. Limit
M 1st - Lizandycris Line Me Up (i)
M 2nd - Lilmill Nosey Parker (i)
M 3rd - Bocans Bolt to Bellevue (i)
M Res - Lindenka Chesterman (i)
M VHC - Comdale Johnny Junior (i)
XMALES - cl. Open
M 1st, CC, BOB - Krystof Sunshine Celebration (i)
M 2nd, res. CC - Magic Matisse vom Märchengarten (i)
M 3rd - Bogarhazi Zuckini (i)
M Res - Hopecharm Prince Harry (i)
M VHC - Something Special Superbia Lynnsto (i)

XFEMALES - cl. Minor Puppy
M 1st - Burneze Copyright (i)
XFEMALES - cl. Puppy
M 1st, Best Puppy, II. BIS Puppy - Burneze Billie on Air (i)
M 2nd - Lynnsto Grace and Favour (i)
XFEMALES - cl. Junior
M 1st, CC - Hillsted Sweet Mystery (i)
M 2nd - Bellevue Gossip Catcher (i)
M 3rd - Kimgarwyn Thistle (i)
XFEMALES - cl. Graduate
M 1st - Pride and Precious Sweet White Angel by Hopecharm (i)
M 2nd - Crinan Carousel (i)
XFEMALES - cl. Post Graduate
M 1st - Lynnsto Special Intent (i)
M 2nd - Lizandycris Thistle Dew (i)
M 3rd - Dylandougie Ayr to Ashgate (i)
M Res - Ambalasi Pick'n'mix (i)
XFEMALES - cl. Limit
M 1st - Gilbri Dream Maker (i)
M 2nd - The Dashing Devil's La Diva (i)
M 3rd - Braxquin Forget Me Not (i)
M Res - Carlola Showgirl (i)
XFEMALES - cl. Open
M 1st, res. CC - Roxholm Reign Dance by Bocans (i)
M 2nd - Comdale Lovely Molly (i)
M 3rd - Egremont Seventh Heaven (i)
M Res - Crinan Calista (i)
M VHC - Whitebriar Jilly O the Valley (i)


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