Perhaps Possibly

Litter Minniganin *4.3.2002
Perhaps Possibly x Proud Mary's Premiere
male Minniganin Mosse
male Minniganin Obelix Kasper
female Minniganin Alppiruusu
female Minniganin Funky
female Minniganin Minni

Litter Mer-Las *13.6.2000
Perhaps Possibly x Meryfield's Fiona
male Mer-Las Party Boy
male Mer-Las Peaceful Boy
female Mer-Las Perfect Girl
female Mer-Las Pretty Woman

Litter Smash *6.10.1999
Perhaps Possibly x Smash Sandy
male Smash Anthony
male Smash Armstrong
male Smash Asterix
female Smash Ally McBeal

Litter Shakers *29.9.1999
Perhaps Possibly x Tweed Theme of Roses
female Shakers Belle Epoque
female Shakers Cristal
female Shakers Veuve Clicquot

Litter Zorro's *1.9.1999
Perhaps Possibly x Zorro's Lady With A Z's
male Zorro's Make My Day
male Zorro's Walk The Line
female Zorro's Dont Get Me Wrong

Litter Encos *9.8.1999
Perhaps Possibly x Stonegarth Pebbles
male Encos Only Sixteen
male Encos Simon
female Encos My
female Encos Zoya

Litter Playing *20.7.1999
Perhaps Possibly x Playing Crack of Dawn
male Playing Pop Star
female Playing Party Hopper
female Playing Peek-A-Boo
female Playing Piano

Litter Werweise's *22.5.1999
Perhaps Possibly x Playing Harmony Bell
male Werweise's Comviq
female Werweise's Pacific Bell
female Werweise's Telia

Litter *19.5.1999
Perhaps Possibly x Playing Fire Cracker
male Playing Paintball
male Playing Pictionary
male Playing Polo
female Playing Patch of Pearl
female Playing Piece of Music

Litter Jazzing *24.4.1999
Perhaps Possibly x Jazzing Madame De Pompadour
male Jazzing Xerxes
male Jazzing Xuthos
female Jazzing Xantippa
female Jazzing Xtravaganza

Litter Minniganin *25.12.1998
Perhaps Possibly x Proud Mary's Premiere
male Minniganin Julius
male Minniganin Max
male Minniganin Rico
female Minniganin Babette
female Minniganin Minnibel

Litter Perhaps *6.4.1998
Perhaps Possibly x That's Tiramisu
male Perhaps Papa Sais Tous
male Perhaps Pep Rally
male Perhaps Pepe le Moko
female Perhaps Papagena

Litter Perhaps *30.1.1998
Perhaps Possibly x Perhaps Snow Angel Thorn Asgard
male Perhaps Puma
female Perhaps Pussycat


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