Ashgate Star Gazer

Litter Vertragus *9.11.2020
Ashgate Star Gazer x Pride N Precious Born for Vertragus
female Too Good to Be Yours Vertragus
female Try Me Vertragus (1)

Litter Vixan *15.5.2020
Ashgate Star Gazer x Victory in the Game Vertragus
male Don't Talk to Me Now Vixan
female Dancing with the Devil Vixan

Litter L Vertragus *7.4.2020
Ashgate Star Gazer x Queenie Pai Vertragus
male Look at Me Vertragus
female Let's Play Vertragus

Litter Hildor Poland *15.2.2020
Ashgate Star Gazer x Kira Empress of Hildor Poland
female Matricaria Sophia Limited Edition of Hildor Poland

Litter *25.12.2018
Ashgate Star Gazer x Yoho's It's All About Boo
male Yoho Frosty Christmas
female Yoho Christmas Mistletoe

Litter *3.11.2018
Ashgate Star Gazer x Ashgate Naughty But Nice
male Ashgate Piccadilly Circus
male Ashgate Rewrite the Stars


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