Cilvisund's Contador

Litter Ding-A-Ling *1.5.2016
Cilvisund's Contador x Ding-A-Ling Fair Fighter
female Ding-A-Ling Highlander
female Ding-A-Ling Hope

Litter G Devil in Disguise *12.6.2015
Cilvisund's Contador x Maybe Devil in Disguise
male Godfather Devil in Disguise
male Goes to Franer's Devil in Disguise
male Gotti Devil in Disguise
female Gandzia Devil in Disguise
female Gorgeous Spirit Devil in Disguise

Litter Highland Crest *3.2.2015
Cilvisund's Contador x Highland Crest Tiptop Tosha
male Highland Crest Butch Cassidy
male Highland Crest Sundance Kid
female Highland Crest Calamity Jane
female Highland Crest Cat Ballou

Litter Tweed *6.5.2014
Cilvisund's Contador x Tweed Take Five
male Tweed Tea Time
female Tweed Tea for Two

Litter Terrawestie *9.10.2013
Cilvisund's Contador x Westicon Djoyful Dayz
female Terrawestie Temptation
female Terrawestie Treasure

Litter M White Flame *9.9.2013
Cilvisund's Contador x Mc Muffin White Flame
male Mc Morrison White Flame
female May Queen White Flame
female Mc Aino Tähti White Flame
female Mc Mabel White Flame

Litter *2.6.2013
Cilvisund's Contador x Mama Mia White Flame
male Pasco vom Steinburger Land
male Pino Tobi vom Steinburger Land
male Piro Tyler vom Steinburger Land
female Pippi vom Steinburger Land
female Pocahontas vom Steinburger Land
female Prosecco vom Steinburger Land
female Püppy Emmely vom Steinburger Land

Litter White Flame *3.2.2013
Cilvisund's Contador x Mc Muffin White Flame
female Smalltalk White Flame

Litter *12.3.2012
Cilvisund's Contador x The Dashing Devil's Happy Angel

Litter Bonnie Ann's *23.4.2011
Cilvisund's Contador x Bellevue Spirit Chaser
male Bonnie Ann's Xplosion
female Bonnie Ann's X-Factor

Litter Arnitlund's *
Cilvisund's Contador x Arnitlund's Gentle Dream Ellymay
female Arnitlund's Liva Design-Royal

Litter *
Cilvisund's Contador x Snedronningen's Tally-Ho
male Snedronningen's Dick Tracy

Litter Cilvisund's *
Cilvisund's Contador x Cilvisund's Clair de Lune
female Cilvisund's Concordia


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