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CH GB (13.10.2013)

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31 výstav

25.10.2014 Midland Counties/GB, judge Paul Wilkinson/GB: cl. Open - 1st, CC, BOB

10.10.2014 South Wales/GB, judge David Dingley/GB: cl. Open - 2nd

30.8.2014 Birmingham/GB, judge S. L. Goodwin/GB: cl. Open - 3rd

16.8.2014 The Welsh KC/GB, judge Cate Elizabeth Cartledge/GB: cl. Open - 2nd

10.8.2014 Bournemouth/GB, judge Steve Jennings/GB: cl. Open - 3rd

2.8.2014 Paignton/GB, judge Tom H. Johnston/GB: cl. Open - 2nd, res. CC

12.7.2014 Southern WHWT Club/GB, judge Robert Donachie/GB: cl. Open - 1st, CC, BOB, BIS

7.6.2014 Three Counties/GB, judge Ann Bartlett/GB: cl. Open - 1st, CC, BOB, II. BIG

23.5.2014 Bath/GB, judge David W. Shields/GB: cl. Open - 1st, CC, BOB

25.4.2014 WELKS/GB, judge Pat S. Barrell/GB: cl. Open - 1st, CC

12.4.2014 WHWTC of England/GB, judge Roz Dunne/GB: cl. Yearling - 1st

5.4.2014 National Terrier Club/GB, judge Pat Molony/GB: cl. Open - 3rd

7.3.2014 Crufts/GB, judge Sue Thomson/GB: cl. Yearling - 1st

16.1.2014 Manchester/GB, judge Jack Watson/GB: cl. Open - 2nd

15.12.2013 Ladies Kennel Association/GB, judge Brian Squire/GB: cl. Open - 1st, CC

25.10.2013 Midland Counties/GB, judge Ann Milner/GB: cl. Limit - 2nd

13.10.2013 South Wales/GB, judge Steve Owen/GB: cl. Limit - 1st, CC, BOB, III. BOG ... gained title CH GB

5.10.2013 Club Show WHWTC/GB, judge Kirsten Fox/GB: cl. Junior - 1st, CC, BOS, res. BIS

17.8.2013 Welsh KC/GB, judge Bill Browne-Cole/GB: cl. Junior - 1st, res. CC

10.8.2013 Bournemouth/GB, judge Marie Burns/GB: cl. Junior - 1st

26.7.2013 Leeds/GB, judge Douglas Berry/GB: cl. Junior - 1st

6.7.2013 East of England/GB, judge Pat Edmondson/GB: cl. Junior - 1st, res. CC

29.6.2013 Windsor/GB, judge Mags Evans/GB: cl. Junior - 1st

1.6.2013 Southern Counties/GB, judge Joe Edmondson/GB: cl. Junior - 1st

1.6.2013 WHWTC of England/GB, judge Vesa Lehtonen/FIN: cl. Junior - 1st, res. Best Bitch

24.5.2013 Bath/GB, judge Frank Kane/GB: cl. Junior - 1st

9.5.2013 Birmingham National/GB, judge Ken Bartlett/GB: cl. Junior - 1st, CC

28.4.2013 WELKS/GB, judge Jean Abbey/GB: cl. Puppy - 2nd

6.4.2013 National Terrier/GB, judge Robert Hill/GB: cl. Puppy - 1st, Best Puppy

7.3.2013 Crufts/GB, judge Dot Britten/GB: cl. Special Puppy - 1st, Best Puppy

16.12.2012 The Ladies Kennel Association/GB, judge Ken Gourlay/GB: cl. Minor Puppy - 1st

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