Ryll'Charisma Jinnee of Show

Ryll'Charisma Jinnee of Show

Date of birth: 11.3.2013
Reg. number: MET.Whwt.4828/13
Breeder + owner: Takácsné Menyhárt Amaryll, Ryll'Charisma, H

Rolling Dancer of Surprise Rolling Rock of Surprise Ace of Diamonds du Moulin de Mac Gregor
Heroin of Surprise
Pirouette of Surprise Fly by Knight of Surprise
Coco Chanel of Surprise
Sensation of Charisma Fly by Knight of Surprise Wesscots Fly by Knight
White Diamant O'La La Lila Pause
Virtuoso of Charisma Karamynd I'm a Surprise
C.I.A. of Surprise

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